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Feminist perspectives on HCI

Check out the new issue of the journal Interacting with Computers. It is a special issue on feminist perspectives on HCI, and many of the article titles sound very interesting. Consider one for an RAA, but plan ahead and order thought Interlibrary Loan, because Purdue doesn’t have this journal (I’m requesting it).

Interacting with Computers
Volume 23, Issue 5, Pages 385-564, September 2011
Special Issue: Feminism and HCI: New Perspectives (ed. Shaowen Bardzell & Elizabeth Churchill)

Feminism and HCI: New Perspectives
Shaowen Bardzell & Elizabeth Churchill

Phoebe Sengers, Steve Harrison & Deborah Tatar
Making Epistemological Trouble: Third-Paradigm HCI as Successor Science

Jennifer Rode
A Theoretical Agenda for Feminist HCI

Sheryl Brahnam, Marianthe Karanikas, Margaret Weaver
(Un)dressing the Interface: Exposing the Foundational HCI Metaphor ‘Computer Is Woman’

Jill Dimond, Casey Fiesler & Amy Bruckman
Domestic Violence and Information and Communication Technologies

Nancy Van House
Feminist HCI Meets Facebook: Performativity and Social Networking Sites

Ann Light
HCI as Heterodoxy: technologies of identity and the queering of interaction with computers

Nalini Kotamraju
Playing Stupid, Caring for Users, and Putting on a Good Show: Feminist Acts in Usability Work

Michael Muller
Feminism asks the “Who” Questions in HCI

Regular Papers

Scott D. Fleming, Margaret M Burnett, Laura Beckwith, Susan Wiedenbeck, Jill Cao, Thomas H Park, Valentina Grigoreanu & Kyle Rector
Gender Pluralism in Problem-Solving Software

Sarah Diefenbach & Marc Hassenzahl
The Dilemma of the Hedonic – appreciated, but hard to justify

Sari Kujala, Virpi Roto, Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, Evangelos Karapanos & Arto Sinnelä
UX Curve: A Method for Evaluating Long-Term User Experience

Luigi De Russis
DOGeye: Controlling your Home with Eye Interaction

Sara Price & Taciana Pontual Falcão
Where the attention is: Discovery learning in tangible environments

Joel Lanir, Tsvi Kuflik, Alan J. Wecker, Massimo Zancanaro & Oliviero Stock
Examining proactiveness and choice in a location-aware mobile museum guide

Yeliz Yesilada, Giorgio Brajnik & Simon Harper
Barriers Common to Mobile and Disabled Web Users

Sergio Sayago
Everyday use of computer-based communication tools and evolution of interaction barriers: an ethnographical study with older people

Ethan V. Munson & James Dabrowski
40 Years of Searching for the Best Computer System Response Time