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(Opportunities for innovation are) Hidden in Plain Sight

I mentioned in class Jan Chipchase’s excellent book, Hidden in Plain Sight (read an excerpt and reviews here). Please consider following him on one or more social media accounts. Note how he uses Pinterest to organize observational data thematically.

The book explains this ethnographer’s approach to quickly understanding a new place’s culture and to looking around, while knowing what to focus on (e.g. wake up rituals, shopping, money transferring, behaviors at the limits of cultural acceptance) in order to get a quick grasp of the culture.

His approach helps us become better observers and learn to identify opportunities for innovation in everyday life.

I highly recommend the book, but I also highly recommend that you create the habit of observing closely and identifying such opportunities – you might even share them on your blog!


Emotional and seductive design

Since many of you are interested in emotional impact, I’d like to make some recommendations for future reading. You could start with this blog post on designing for the gut (and please add UX Magazine to your RSS feed).

The classic book on this topic is Donald Norman’s Emotional Design.

There is also this book on Seductive IxD: (SE – maybe you can share your reading notes about this book on your blog?)

And, if you’re serious about this, you should really read Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things:

Oh, and also? Google Don Norman. Stalk him. Research him. Watch his talks.