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Graphs and charts

Please see Shweta’s post on new ways of presenting data – besides the old fashioned graphs and charts.


Interesting blog posts from students

I highly recommend that you read (closely) these two blog posts that illustrate principles we discussed in class recently:

I am learning A LOT by reading everyone’s posts and I urge you to read them, too. If email is unreliable, please subscribe to them using the WordPress reader or Feedly, an RSS feed reader (that’s what I use).

Week’s best: Nov 1- 7, 2012

Two weeks’ best: Oct 19 – Nov 1, 2012


Oh, and… remember to take Eddy’s poll about blogging! It would be interesting to know your habits. And, thank you Eddy for creating a calendar resource that all students can use!

Weeks’ best Oct. 10 – Oct. 17, 2012

Some notable posts from the past week – check them out if you haven’t read them already!

Week’s best: Sept 26 – Oct 3, 2012

Some of the posts that stood out to me this week:

Bonus link:

How to stand out in an interview – fantastic post from one of my favorite blogs out there, Lifehacker.

What stood out to you this week from what you read online?

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Week’s best: September 19-26, 2012

Here are a couple of blog posts that stood out to me this week:

What blog posts stood out to you in the past week or so? Feel free to write your own “week’s best” list.

Also, if you are very proud of a post you wrote and feel it should have made this list but it didn’t, please let me know and I will be happy to feature it.