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End of semester clarifications

It’s been a while since we last met, so I think people have forgotten what’s due when. Let me clarify:

  1. Wed, Dec. 4 – your final presentations. Some groups will give one 20 minute presentation, if they have worked on the same project throughout the semester. Other people will split – they will give one presentation with the group they worked with on the first 3 reports, and a second one with the group they worked with on the 4th report. See detailed instructions here.
  2. Fri, Dec. 6 – Usability report 4 is due on Blackboard by midnight. Please read the instructions in this blog post, and the Q&A in the comments section.
  3. Wed, Dec. 11 – Final exam and final portfolio are due. Instructions are on Blackboard for both of them.

In addition to these, you will have to complete 2 surveys:

  1. peer evaluation of the students you worked with. This survey will be released after UR 4 is submitted on Friday. You will get an email about it. You need to fill it out in order to receive your own peer evaluation points. So check your email!
  2. course and instructor evaluations, as indicated in emails I have already sent. A 100% response rate means each student receives 3 extra credit points.

Please stop blogging on Dec. 6. I will evaluate the blogs soon after that. Please make sure you prepare your blog for grading by:

  1. Making sure each post is categorized correctly, and appears only in ONE category.
  2. Using a WordPress theme that displays the count of posts in each category.

We talked about all these in class when we last met, but here is a reminder just in case. Please ask questions about the individual assignments in their respective blog posts (subscribe to comments to see what gets posted) and ask general questions about administrative stuff in the comments to this blog post.

Good luck as you wrap up the semester!

Final presentation guidelines

Please ask questions in the comments below.

Usability reporting

Please find below the slides about usability reporting.

Please run your research plan by me and let me know if you would like to meet with me during class next week.

Plan for UR4

As I mentioned in class last week, you (individually and/or as a group) need to decide what you want to do for UR4. You need to conduct usability testing. Here are the options:

Option 1

Do open-ended, qualitative, formative evaluation on your existing prototypes.

Option 2

Do a more formal, quantitative, summative evaluation of an existing, finished product (e.g. CGT website, Insight Maker, etc.).

It really depends on what you want to learn more. The second option is more comprehensive, but both options are valuable.

So, think about what you as an individual would like to do and learn, and if we need to reorganize the groups based on these preferences, we can do so. Please indicate your thoughts and preferences in the comments below. Let’s plan to have this DONE by next class (syllabus lists this is due – that’s what I need to know, who will do what, and how.)

Assignment: Conceptual Design

The Conceptual Design assignment is posted on Blackboard and below. Please ask questions in the comments on this blog post.

Assignment: User research

Please find below the detailed instructions for the User research report. Ask questions in the comments below. I am also posting this file on Bb so you can download it easily.

Assignment: Research Plan

I will also post this on Blackboard shortly. Please read the assignment description carefully, then ask questions in the comments below.

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