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Brief history lesson

All we do today in digital UX is possible because graphical user interfaces (GUIs) exist. How did they evolve? Where did they come from? What are the major interface paradigms we know of (command line, WIMP, NUI, ????)? What does WIMP stand for? Please brush up on GUI history by reading this article.

The slides below help you identify major moments in GUI history and guide you through the article.

Also, please read this book excerpt on where UX comes from and be prepared to discuss in class.

If you are not following the UX Booth closely, you should – at least for the duration of this class.

Please review these resources (no need to fill out reading worksheets for them) in addition to your Blackboard readings.

Where do I press??!!

Where do I press to operate this thing? What is your guess?

P.S. have you posted a good/bad example this week?