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Jakob Nielsen reviews Windows 8

Want to see how J. Nielsen writes on of these Good/Bad design critiques? Very similar to your blog posts – except longer. Note how he explains¬†why a certain feature does or does not work. Please read Nielsen’s review of Windows 8.


Game usability: Assassin Creed III

As an expert in the fast-growing field of feline-computer interaction, I can attest that in spite of some initial usability issues, this game succeeds at entertaining humans and felines alike:

Why – What – How (or Strategic Thinking 101)

The WHY – WHAT – HOW of everything you do, but especially work should always be in this order.

Here is a nice slide deck from information architect Abby Covert that explains WHY, WHAT and HOW and their relationships (see slides 22-57):

Strategic thinking means that everything you do is goal-directed. Feel free to make the connection to Cooper’s goal-directed design. Whose goals is Cooper talking about? Whose goals am I talking about here?

What do you get out of this presentation? Does it change anything for you? What sense do you make out of it? Please let me know in the comments.

Design for reflective processing

Interesting blog post on designing for reflective processing – relates to our class discussion.

Do note the definition of reflective processing as introduced by Norman. It does not refer to reflection as thinking, but to reflection as in a mirror – do you see your self-concept mirrored in the product? Does the product conform to your self-image? Think about how important this is when choosing a car, for example.

Reflective processing is when our desires for uniqueness and cultural or aesthetic sophistication influence our preferences. Simply put, it is about seeing ourselves positively reflected in the products we use.

But then, how do you design products that are aligned with your users’ self-image? Read the blog post!

Interesting links – Sept 27, 2012

As I went through the 300+ posts in my RSS feed yesterday, I saved a few notable posts that I think you would be very interested in.

If you were all on Twitter, I could share these with you very easily there (one reason to be on Twitter. More reasons coming soon).

Creative and beneficial use of 404 pages – advertise photos of missing children

Information architecture – designing for mobile, from UX Booth (a blog you should subscribe to)

The importance of typography for usability – bad typography can kill people (when driving)

Tools and resources for creating explanations and presentations, by explanation powerhouse CommonCraft – see their videos for clear explanations of complex concepts. Note the choices they make in leaving out details that do not help the viewer in getting the big picture.

UX templates, stencils, graph paper from Konigi.

The Future of Interaction Design

I came across this Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design on Twitter. Liked it enough that I decided to research the author a bit. Who does s/he this s/he is? Oh, no biggie, just the person who created the interaction design for the iPad… Bret Victor, check him out.