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Reading guidance for Oct. 10, 2012

This week, you will read about some core concept of user-centered design: Personas, Scenarios, Use cases, and Task analysis. As you read, try to understand:

  1. What each concept is, and how it is different from the others
  2. How to create each one
  3. Why these are used, why they are useful, and how they are used in the larger design process

Reading guidance for Oct 3, 2012 readings

Please read the Cooper chapter first, for an overview of the topic, and the UXB chapter second, for detailed how-to information. Cooper will provide the context you need to better understand the UXB chapter.

As you do the readings for Oct 3, please focus on finding answers to these questions:

  • What are the goals of user research?
    • Why conduct it?
    • What kinds of information do we want to find out?
  • What are some available tools (research methods) for conducting user research?
  • What kinds of data can we collect? What counts as data?
  • What are some big mistakes (pitfalls) to avoid when conducting user research?

Tips on making good presentations

I have selected some slide decks from slideshare (there’s much more good stuff out there if you want to learn!) that teach and illustrate how to make good slides for presentations:

7 Tips to Create Visual Presentations

Don’t be a Powerpoint Felon

… and here is one of many good examples of good slides. You can find some on slideshare and critique them for one of your good/bad designs examples.

My challenge for you for the next presentation: DON’T USE BULLET POINTS. At all. See what happens.