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Assignment: Heuristic Evaluation

Please find below and on Blackboard instructions about the first usability report.

Please ask questions in the comments below.


Design and Usability Principles: Plan for Sept 21 & Sept 28

Class on SeptĀ  21 and Sept 28 will be crowd-sourced and collaborative.

Please read instructions and sign up for one or more presentation topics on each day.

Questions about these presentations? Please ask them in the comments below.

Assignment: Research Article Analysis (RAA)

Same thing here as with other assignments, I am posting it below in addition to Blackboard so you have a public board for asking questions and seeing answers:

Please remember to read your classmates’ RAAs, and to comment on them. It will be very useful for you to be exposed to more articles than you alone could read during a semester. See, for example, Emma’s RAA of a very interesting article. It is very well executed and a good example of what this assignment should look like.

Assignment: Blogging Requirements

This assignment is posted on Blackboard, but I promised I would post it here so you can ask questions about it. Whether now or later in the semester, if you have any questions about your CGT 512 blogging assignment, please post a question in the comments to this post.

You can also ask me questions privately, by email. But if you think other students may benefit from the answer, ask your question here.

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Below is the text of the assignment: