Skills learned in CGT 512

Here is a list of skills I think you have at least experimented with and learned (even if not mastered yet) in CGT 512. Please choose from this list as you revise your portfolio. Don’t undersell your work and what you’ve learned! This is not the time to be modest.


  • How to go through the iterative UCD process
  • How to use research methods specific to UCD
  • How to use creativity methods specific to UCS
  • How to create a range of artifacts (sketches, wireframes) and documents (reports) specific to UCD


  • how to plan a user research study
  • how to collect data
  • how to analyze data
  • how to extract design requirements out of data
  • how to write personas, scenarios, and design requirements


  • how to apply usability principles to evaluate an interface
  • how to identify usability issues
  • how to rank the severity of usability issues
  • how to conduct heuristic evaluation


  • how to use methods to stimulate ideas
  • how to chose between competing ideas
  • how to translate an abstract idea into a tangible artifact
  • how to create UCD artifacts such as sketches, story boards, and wireframes
  • how to conduct a cognitive walkthrough
  • how to identify and prioritize usability issues through a cognitive walkthrough
  • how to communicate your ideas for user experience and explain them to others


  • how to plan a usability study: what metrics, data, procedures, instruments to use
  • how to collect data for a usability study
  • how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data for a usability study
  • how to identify usability issues from a usability study
  • how to prioritize usability issues
  • how to apply usability heuristics to suggest solutions for the usability issues you have identified
  • how to present the findings and write a usability report
  1. THIS. IS. AWESOME! I am keeping this list! Hope to see more blog posts soon!

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