Blog evaluation change proposal

I mentioned in an email altering your blog evaluation criteria to provide more incentives to read and comment on class mates’ blog posts. Do remember that this already is a requirement for class participation points.

I don’t think one solution will work for all, so I would like to propose that each one of you customize your blog evaluation form to suit your needs.

Here’s how it could work:

Read and then write your own blog post about what you read on class mates’ blogs. Write by posting a link and a short commentary, or re-blog the comments you posted, or write a post responding to a colleague’s post (a longer comment deserves its own blog post).

Count up to 4 such blog posts about class mates’ blogs into whatever categories you are not doing very well in.

So, do a self-evaluation of your blog, then decide what works best for you. Would this work for you? Please write other ideas and questions in the comments below.

    • jtheuerl
    • November 1st, 2013

    I would really appreciate this alternative route very much.

  1. I’d this

  2. I like this idea a lot. I think it gives more incentive. I read other’s blog posts but don’t often make comments.

  3. I agree I think this is a good way of crediting us with reading and responding to others’ blogs. Additionally, some blog sections are more difficult or less enjoyable for me to blog about than others, and I would be happy to replace some of those with multiple blog readings and comments on other students’ blogs.

  4. yeah this sounds good
    the requirement is still 12 ish blogs for class so if we go with this we would only need up to 8 blogs about class and reading right?

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