Reading for Oct. 23 – Wireframe and prototype resources

Please read the book chapter on Bb and review these online resources before class and, instead of several reading worksheets, take notes that answer the following questions:

  • what is the difference between sketches, wireframes, mockups and prototypes?
  • what is the utility of each one of these? when are they used in the UCD process and why?
  • what are some useful tools for creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes?

Bring these notes to class, printed out, just like usual. You need only ONE set of reading notes for all the readings and resources.

  1. Blog post showing you the  process from wireframing on.
  2. Class blog post for CGT 256.
  3. Tools and resources for wireframes, mockups, and prototypes – reviews from Cooper, UX Movement, and UX Mag, and my collections for this class.

We have Axure in one of the labs in Knoy – 316B, I think – if not, it is 316A (316A confirmed) and you each will receive an invitation to create a Balsamiq account. You can also try Fluid UI and/or InVision for mobile apps. Most online wireframing tools have free account options.

  1. The 245 class post helps me have a deeper understanding of those words: sketches, mockups, wireframes and prototypes. Thanks.

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