Class notes: UI design principles

Tonight in class we went through the book Designing with the Mind in Mind. The book explains the human perception and psychology mechanisms that underlie many popular UI design principles.

I know it is a lot of information to process in a short amount of time. It is OK if you don’t feel you have really learned or can remember it all. My intention is to raise your awareness about these issues enough that you know that they exist and can search for more information when you need it. Also, keep the book.  You will refer to it often.

Please help each other further learn and remember these principles, by blogging about them and showing examples. They really are everywhere. Take a look at the screen shot of the WordPress dashboard below. I have circled some issues to get your attention – what principles from the book do you recognize there?

Click image to enlarge:

Screenshot 10:9:13 10:15 PM

  1. I think this design uses a lot of Gestalt principles. For example, they use a gray arrow and highlighted in blue is using the principle of similarity and continuity to let users know that the section you are using is called post. The red part not a button is because according to the convention, we don’t make it a button, but make the one besides it a button. The designers make it red to make it can stand out, not a button is for not confusing with the publish button.

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