Class presentations: Designing with the Mind in Mind

Team information along with people’s user names are posted on Bb > Assignments.

Presentation format:

1. VERY BRIEF summary of the principles about how the mind works from the chapter(s) – no more than 1 minute.

2. DESIGN IMPLICATIONS of the principles covered in the respective chapters (with examples). Answer the question: So, now that we know that… (e.g., recognition is easier than recall), how should we design interfaces? – 6-8 minutes

3. Questions & Discussion – 5-10 minutes

Keep in mind the screen in Potter is very small. So make everything on your slides VERY BIG.

This presentation is not graded more than your regular reading worksheets would be. You are doing this for that, for attendance and participation, but mostly to help each other learn.

Questions? Please ask in the comments below.

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