Class notes: Conceptual design

Today we moved from the user research phase to the conceptual design phase by going through a very quick design workshop. Please reflect on what you are taking away from it and from the readings. Consider questions such as:

  • How was your process of creating ideas similar/different from what you read about in the articles about design workshops? How are design workshops with users different than design workshops without users? What do you think you could you have gotten from involving users in tonight’s design workshop?
  • Did you notice attachment to an idea just because it was yours? Is this something that it might be desirable to overcome? What could you do to overcome being overly attached to an idea just because it’s yours?
  • What was the difference between seeing the data presented as 4 main themes on my slides vs. the personas? How did it impact your thinking about design?

Remember what we discussed about:

  1. the language and grammar of each platform – different menus and controls look and work differently on different platforms.
  2. fundamental usability principles derived from human psychology and perception – these are applicable cross-platform.
  1. I think I noticed that I am overly attached to an idea just because it’s mine, I agree with that it is a problem that I need to overcome. I like others’ ideas too, but when I back home to wanted to write it down, I think it’s a little hard because I can’t remember them entirely. Sorry about that. I think next time, I will write others’ ideas down and help with memory.

    • Yes, it is perfectly natural, but as professionals, we need to become aware of these tendencies of our minds and overcome them… remember, we don’t always have to believe everything we think! 🙂

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