Another reading worksheet

I posted this on BB > Readings. It is a worksheet that breaks down the predictable structure of empirical research articles. It helps students read empirical research faster and understand them better.

It is not required for use in class, but many students find it a very helpful aid in their reading, so I wanted to share it with you, too.

Do you feel the worksheets and guided reading questions help you understand the readings better? Have you used this (or similar) worksheets in the past? Have they helped? How?

What tips do you have for reading efficiently and effectively (fast, while getting a good understanding of the material)?

Please post a comment or interact with this post somehow (rate, like). I want to see if people read it, and when. Thank you!

  1. I like the last part of wokring sheet” make it yours”, it helps me with thinking about connecting my own interest and the paper I read. This process gives me new ideas on my own research.

  2. I think the worksheets helps and is very similar to some other classes such as tech 646’s reading worksheets.

    Reading the abstract is probably the most important part and picking out the keywords, briefly review the first and last few sentences of important paragraphs and read deeper for more details.

    • Ha! I didn’t know Dr. Mohler uses reading worksheets, too. Awesome!

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