Class notes: Design process – Sept 4, 2013

There were two big parts to today’s class: history and readings about the design process.

In the history part, we discussed main moments in the history of the GUI, including:

We then talked about the 4 readings that showed different types of HCI design, and a multitude of activities that people engaged in HCI design undertake. We outlined those activities and the major new concepts you encountered in the readings. We established that research is sprinkled throughout the research process just like salt in food.

I pointed out the difference between goal-directed and user-centered design. I recommended you follow Mr. Alan Cooper on Twitter.

I left you with some questions that you can use as prompts for your class reflection blog post:

  1. What is the design process? What activities do you actually do when you engage in say, user-centered design?
  2. Why so many types of design? What are similarities/differences among them?
  3. What type(s) of design appeal to you most?

Please blog about what you took away from class, and let me know in the comments below:

  1. if these class notes are useful
  2. what worked/didn’t work for you this class, what questions you have, etc.
  1. I think the class notes are very helpful.
    I felt anxious at the beginning of yesterday’s class when I didn’t have the history paper with me. I didn’t print it out and didn’t have a computer with me in class. My brain went to blank in the group discussion.
    In the creativity exercise about tangible computing, I felt much better when I knew what was going on and I had my own ideas. I enjoyed the latter part of class.

    • Yes, it’s important to have the readings with you so we can work with them in class.

    • Karthik Sukumar
    • September 9th, 2013

    Thank you for posting these notes and giving us some ideas on what to think about. They are very useful and helps in guiding our thinking!

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