Class reflection: Research in the User-centered design process

I am not sure I was able to get through to you clearly last night… I know it’s hard to keep alert and focused in a 3 hour discussion, but then, graduate students’ cognitive capacities are expected to hold up to this kind of work.

Anyway, here’s a recap of the main points I hope you got from yesterday’s class:

  • There are many kinds of research in UCD, such as: qualitative user research (including contextual inquiry, interviews, observations), cognitive walk-throughs, usability inspection, usability testing, think-aloud, website experience analysis, etc. Some methods are used for evaluation. The evaluation methods can be further used for either formative or summative evaluation, or both.
  • What does each method involve? What is the purpose of each method? What are data collection procedures? What kind of data do you get with each method? Most importantly, what kinds of insights can you get with each methods, and how can you use these insights in the UCD process?
  • How do you choose the most appropriate method to use in a specific situation, for a specific context, product, and point in the UCD process? Even if, say, you do usability testing – depending on these factors, you need to know what metrics to collect. That leads to the presentation on usability metrics. I’m embedding the slides below so you can use them as you work on UR4.

What did you take away from class? What questions do you have?

I understand that this class was not as exciting as the one where you created wireframes – but it is just as important, if not more. I do want to make sure you really understand these points. Please let me know how I can help.

Is this summary clear/useful? Let me know that too, by commenting or rating.

Dr. V


  1. It was pretty usefull indeed! I was scared about the class yesterday as I wasnt able to grasp everything which was discussed. Thank you so much for this summary!

    • Why didn’t you ask??? Please do, in the future!

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