Clickability – again!

I haven’t gotten many ideas on the question of redesigning the ATM buttons – too bad, I thought it was an interesting challenge. Maybe you’ve posted ideas on your blogs and I haven’t seen them yet?

Here is another bad example, on the same basic issue of communicating the affordance of clickability. I guess it’s more of a rant than an example, since it is so obviously wrong and the solution is so simple. Interesting to note, however, how something so simple and easy (can I click this or not?) is still a source of so many errors.

How do you think this works, in Blackboard Learn? What do I have to do to download the assignments? How would you fix this?

OK, but how do I download the files?! Where do I click?!

I hope the examples I post serve to remind you to post your own examples. And reading reflections. And RAAs.

  1. It is hard for people to click on a post, read it, and comment on it, that is like three step (don’t count login step), maybe wordpress developer can do something about it. To you question, adding a download click button can be a easy fix or maybe underline the file link.

  2. Moving the words “Download assignments now” underneath all the other text with a suitably large amount of whitespace between them and increasing the weight of the type should be sufficient. This would be a combination of the Proximity Gestalt principle and simple contrast.

    I do agree that buttons are probably the best answer. A “Download Now” button and a “Cancel” or “Don’t Download” would remove (almost) all confusion.

  3. ew. How do you download the assignments? Just click ok? Or is download assignments a link? Anyways, I think the language is off and the frustration lies in the violation of the Heuristic “Consistency and Standards.” What is you want to only download selected? I think they should offer more options and also use better language.

  4. The words “Download assignments now” are a link, but you can only figure that out if you mouse over them and see the cursor change. Underlining them would be an easy fix.

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