Mid-term self evaluation feedback

I have just finished reading all mid-term self evaluations. Please find individual feedback on Blackboard. I would like to elaborate here on some thoughts that apply to all or most of you:


The blog seems to be the most difficult part. This is understandable, because it requires constant attention, and is different from what you’re used to. There are two main difficulties students reported: 1) Fear that blog posts aren’t smart enough; 2) Time management.


Please understand that blog posts do not need to be finished masterpieces. They document your thoughts, even unfinished ones. This is one of the few instances where I emphasize quantity rather than quality. Why is that? Because the purpose of the blog assignment in this class is to keep HCI on your mind; to train your mind to notice and evaluate user experiences in everyday life.

The reading reflections are meant for you to show me evidence that you read. I think they’re much more dignified than quizzes.

Time management

You need to figure out a combination of tools to help you stay on track. For me, it is my calendar client and list management tool todoist.com.

I will help you a bit more by posting some reminders on the blog – though I am a bit overqualified for the personal assistant job 😉

From what I read in the self-evaluations, you are enjoying the class and learning a lot. I am glad that is the case. If you encounter difficulties, please email me so I can help you earlier rather than later.

Now, post those reading reflections! We only have two more readings this semester!

  1. October 29th, 2012

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