Assignment: UR 3 Conceptual Design

Please find below information about the next big report due November 7.

I am also posting in on Blackboard. Please ask questions in the comments below.

We are keeping the same groups as for UR 2.

  1. Dr.V, we have a question regarding the concept of “concept” here, like the scope of “concept” here. You asked us to brainstorm 3-5 concepts for the product here. Is it like, one concept can be a website, another concept can be an App, or each concept should be some functions or features within a website? It seems we already settled down with the mini-hub website in our UR2. But if one concept is one website, the prototype will be too big. Should we just prototype some features?

  2. Another question is that myBalsamiq is used for wireframing, can we use it for prototype? Or do we need to actually program for prototyping? Wireframing and prototyping are just having different levels of fidelities, and kind of sometimes not easy to distinguish, we need to decide on the difference of their fidelity levels in this context?

  3. Concept here means an idea you will go with. First, don’t assume it has to be a mini-hub. It can be something else, and it doesn’t have to solve ALL the problems related to online identity management – only some of them is OK, too. Let’s say you decide on a website. Now you have to come up with different concepts for the website – maybe a game, or a maybe a lecture tone, or a scary legal tone, etc. Each one of these concepts, if applied to a website (or to an iPhone app) can lead to very different final products. Your concepts are just that – ideas of what the product could be. They can be different products, or different themes for one type of product.

    Read the assignment description carefully about how much to prototype – you will have to make some choices so that you prototype a few screens, but you do it well.

    Regarding what software you use – I don’t care. You can use Keynote. I invite you to play with specialized software, but you don’t need to. Wireframes are just line drawings that indicate interactions and layout. Prototypes include the visual layer – ideally, they look exactly like the final product, but they don’t have to work (they can be images made in Photoshop, Keynote, Balsamiq, or whatever you choose).

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

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