Bad example: oversight in Posterous interface

This is a bit too obvious of an error to be more than an oversight (I hope).

I’ve been using group blogging on Posterous for a team project and it’s been working very well. Today, I wanted to create a new group blog (“space” in Posterous lingo) and I saw this menu on the right side of my “Manage your spaces” page.

The cursor changes to a pointed finger on mouseover on both the black and the white parts communicating the affordance of clickability. This left me to wonder what is the difference between the two options. Turns out there is none. Clicking the black part causes no action. Clicking the white part opens the new space creation dialog.

After some thinking, I figure out the black part must be a heading. Clearly unnecessary. It made me think. It made me click around and think some more to try to figure out what’s what. It communicated clickability when there was none.

This example is so obvious that I am afraid it is not educational enough – it is more of a rant. Thank you for bearing with me.

I am sure that the people at Posterous know these principles. I wonder why they did not notice. What do you think a design team should do to ensure that no such oversights happen?



  1. This issue can also be found in the ‘Profile’ page. As you’ve mentioned, it’s probably just the header and ideally, shouldn’t give a notion of click-ability.

    I think the design requirements must be very specific to avoid issues like this. Also heuristic evaluation of the site by experts would be a good way to uncover such issues.

    • Xin_Cindy_Chen
    • October 16th, 2012

    I think some outsider UI experts with fresh mind for the specific design might help with these issues.

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