Assignment for Oct 3: Usability Inspection

Please read this assignment carefully and ask questions about it in the comments below.

The group assignments are at the bottom of this Google Doc.

  1. When you speak of methods and procedures, are you referring to the different heuristics? Or is this the methods that refer to the actual process of obtaining the feedback (talk aloud, etc.). Also, will we be in charge of coming up with our own groups? I will be out next week and I want to make sure I find a group and arrange a group meeting when I get back. Thanks.

  2. I mean the methods and procedures the group used. For example, how did you decide whether to keep an issue in the final report or discard it? Did it have to have a agreement from all group members? A majority vote? How did you decide and assign severity ratings?

    We will make the groups in class next time. I will once again aim to get people to work with people they have not worked with before.

  3. Are we doing both of the website or just pick one of them? And how deep (Landing pages and sub-pages) do you want us to inspect? Because just OWL site alone have couple hundred pages. Thank you Dr. V.

    • Each group picks ONE site to evaluate.

      No, you do not have to go through every single page. Focus on the site structure and navigation, things that are persistent and appear through all the pages. Then, include some individual pages, but not all of them.

      • Awesome, we will fellow this direction. Thank you again.

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