Just for fun: Gaming lizard

Feline-computer interaction researcher may be my dream job, but apparently other species enjoy video games, too!

  1. It looks like this game are not only target to our Lizard friend. I think people also can find it interesting like the fruit Ninja game. Haha!

  2. Not all animals can handle video games. I think this monkey is having usability issues with Angry Birds. (I can’t deny that I haven’t felt like doing the same though.)

  3. It’s kind of impressive really. Things like this show the versatility of our technology and how realistic it has become.

  4. I guess I wasn’t able to imbed on my last comment, let’s try it this way:

    • ewwww! creepy-funny! and it bit the guy!

  5. honestly it looks like the developers did a pretty good job if lizard owners are their target market hahah

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