Setting up your RSS feed reader

Once you have set up your wordpress blog and emailed me the link, the next step is to subscribe to my blog and all classmates’ blogs using an RSS feed reader. Please find below some helpful information about this process:

Where do I find my classmates’ blogs URLs?

Look at the blogroll on this blog – on the right side bar, there is a heading “Blogroll” and under it, a list of names. Each name is linked to that person’s blog.

Why is my name not on the Blogroll?

Because you did not send me the link by Friday, as you were supposed to. Please send it ASAP!

How do I use Google Reader?

Well, you could Google that, but here is a video tutorial about Google Reader I created some years back.

What’s a Blogroll?

If you are not familiar with blogging terms such as blogroll, permalink, trackback, etc., here is a series of tutorials I created years back to explain these concepts (to undergraduate liberal arts students – so they’re as clear as can be!)

Other questions?

Please ask in the comments below this post.

  1. Connected with all, thanks.

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