Bad Design: Clickity-click

So, how many times do you think Dr. V clicked today?

Qualtrics Survey Software
[Uploaded with Skitch!]
I was very proud of myself that I had finished adding all 12 students to their respective Qualtrics surveys.
Then I realized that adding their names (in the leftmost column, not visible) doesn’t mean I’ve shared the survey with them. To actually give them any rights, you have to check the box. And the other box. And three more boxes.
So, class:
If Dr. V has to check  five boxes to check for each student
 and there are 12 students in the class,
How many times did Dr. V clickity-clicked today?
I’ve made this mistake before. I’ve had desperate students email me that they can’t make the last-minute edits I required, because even though I thought I’d given them access, I had not (sorry, Quincy!). Stupid me.
Hold on. If the user is stupid again and again, maybe the interface is not well designed? Maybe there could be just one magic box to check to give complete access to a collaborator??!!
P.S. If you click Details, there are 15 or more little check boxes to check. But that makes for harder math, so we’ll keep it for a more advanced course.
  1. Thank you for the 70+ Clicks, I lost track while trying to court it with my fingers and toes. Website should not to make it so difficult. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Aww yes, with 12 or so surveys in my Qualtrics account I thought to myself, “surely you should know how to find the survey you are looking for.” I too kept clicking and clicking then I finally realized that I did not have access and emailed you this morning 🙂

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