Class notes & Assignment: Card Sorting Research

Blog post idea: reflect on the experience of collecting data and participating in research.

What did it feel like to be a participant?

What was it like to be a researcher?

Is there anything you learned from this experience? Anything that happened that was as expected/unexpected?

The next step is to finalize the card sorting report. As I explained in class, it should follow this structure:

  1. Problem statement – explain, very briefly, what problem you were trying to solve
  2. Methods – explain what research methods you used (card sorting). Specify if open or closed. Provide a brief explanation of what card sorting is and the procedures you followed.
  3. Sample – describe your sample. Provide the demographics and background data: gender, age, major, experience with nanoHUB.
  4. Results – present the results for each one of the two card sorting sessions. Include the menu structure each group created. Include any other insights you gained from observing the group work, if any.
  5. Limitations – discuss what limitations the reader should keep in mind when looking at the results: participants’ lack of experience with nanoHUB and nanotechnology is the obvious one that needs to be mentioned,
  6. Final IA – explain your method for creating your final information architecture, and include the final version. Make sure it fits on one sheet.

Questions? Please ask in the comments, or email me if you’re shy 🙂

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