Class notes: Prototyping and Storyboarding

You absolutely have to take a look at this post that illustrates  the entire process of moving from blank page to prototypes and finished product. Where do you start? With grids, of course. (btw, up to here, this could be one of your blog posts in the category Interesting Links).

Then, embedded below are the few slides I used in class:

And the copy of the class activity, which includes the questions for your follow-up blog post. Please remember to blog and reflect on “what you learned today in school.” Who knew pizza could be so educational?!


  1. I love the post from UX booth, definitely a detailed and informative one, with interesting discussions going on among readers and the writer. I found one interesting blog from one of the replies, will blog about it later.
    Thanks for the link!

  2. Hand on exercise is fun and learning effective. It will be interesting to combine all the group ideas, and make it best pizza app, just like the IDEO Team, minds aggregation and compensation.

  3. Glad you enjoyed (class and the link)!

    Eddy, yes, that would be cool to aggregate ideas… But it seems there’s never enough time in the semester!

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