Class notes: Design process

The purpose of tonight’s class was to help you grasp:

  1. the big picture about the steps in the design process, and
  2. the use of various usability methods and tools throughout the process.

As promised, the slides I showed in class are embedded at the very bottom of this post. We will look at the individual methods and tools in a lot more detail in the following weeks. But before the slides, a couple of other resources I’d like to share with you:

  • Results of a survey of usability professionals show which methods and tools are used most frequently;
  • The video below is from the famous design company IDEO. It is a famous video that shows their design process:

  1. Do you have a link for CITI certification? I can find several pages explaining what it is and why it is needed, but nothing on how to actually get it.

  2. You can access it here:

    You only need to complete Group 5 – non–key personnel for this class, but I recommend you complete Group 2, Social Behavioral Research.

    For CGT 512, I will accept a valid certificate for either Group 5 or Group 2 (you do NOT need both).

    Please email me a screen-shot of your certificate, showing your name, the group, and the expiration date.

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