Blog challenge: Gestalt principles of perception

In case you need some ideas for your blog, and even if you do not, try looking for how Gestalt principles of visual perception are applied in interfaces. Post a good/bad example about them sometime this week.

As a rule, when you post the good/bad examples, try to relate them to the principles of design and usability you’ve learned up to that point in the class.

You already know quite a few from the readings from week 2 (mapping, visibility, feedback, politeness, etc.), to which you can add the implications for design of what you know about visual perception and visual attention.

From a visual attention perspective, every time you look at an interface, close your eyes, then open them and notice what grabs your attention first, second, then third. Then, examine what principles of bottom up visual attention are at work there. How did the designers achieve saliency in order to grab your attention and direct it in a 1, 2, 3 sequence?

Both Gestalt principles and visual attention principles are used in the design of the San Diego Zoo homepage. Can you tell how?

  1. I have some examples of Gestalt as it applies to architecture at

    It is interesting that I can do this for architecture, but my ability to apply the same concepts to my own web page is limited. If anyone wants to give helpful advice I am all earsy

    • Interesting. I, on the other hand, have never thought about how the principles are applied in architecture… will share your link with students this semester!

  2. Thank you, Mihaela,

    A beautiful name.

    I would love to have them.

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