Class notes and resources: Week 3 – Visual Perception

This class focused on 1) Visual Perception and 2) Visual attention.

Here are some resources for you:

A few articles that provide evidence that cultural differences (and even religion) influence visual perception:

The video below demonstrates selective perception and change blindness:

More brief but entertaining and informative videos from Daniel Simons available on his site, Invisible Gorilla.

Below are the slides about Visual Attention, but please scroll all the way down for the To Do list for next week.

To Do for next week:

  • Readings (see syllabus)
  • Remember to attend to your blog!
  • Look at contents of Cooper chapters for Sept 21 and 28 & be prepared to choose a topic for your presentation. Look for a blog post about the presentations on Sept 21 and 28.
  • Read the book Don’t Make Me Think by Sept 21
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